Andrew Mania


Andrew Mania is known for his shirt depicting a portrait of Timothée Chalamet worn by James Ivory at the Oscars in 2018. In this show, we highlight Mania’s use of pencil on thin veneers of wood to depict young men. He uses precise lines to define features, whilst his subject’s clothing and backdrops comprise solid blocks of colour or scribbles. In larger works Mania extends colour onto the frame, large expanses are interrupted by staring, pretty and fabulous eyes. Stylized disco features strongly in Mania’s portraits, recalling 1980s album covers and the ambiguous sexuality of New Romantic poster boys. Young men stare at the viewer with piercing or twinkling blue eyes and rosy red lips. Mania often leaves bare veneers exposed in his compositions and where drawn on in colour pencil the grain adds a textural quality.