Emma Vidal


The work of Emma Vidal explores a post-apocalyptic world in ruin. Her practice, taking the form of charcoal drawings, sculpture and moving image, balances both the will to survive in such circumstances and the vulnerability of the human body. Vidal re-imagines a future world as a place whose inhabitants consist only of wild children and where Mother Nature is claiming back her own territory. Vidal is influenced by spiritual experiences from her Catholic upbringing and her travels, and is particularly concerned with ideas of religious symbolism, ritual and cult.

The artist’s use of charcoal utilises the material’s unique abilities to capture expression with a fragile and quivering stroke of her hand. The totemic three-dimensional works Vidal creates reference a range of historical, cultural and visual objects from around the world, mixing styles from disparate places and periods.

Vidal studied Fine Art at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London, where she lives and works currently. Her work has featured in the Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition, touring nationally in 2013 and in the ING Discerning Eye selection in London at The Mall Galleries in 2014. Her solo exhibition Gold String was presented at Museum Blue, St Louis, USA in 2014.