Max Naylor


Painting in oil and ink Max constructs exquisite landscapes from his subconscious observation of place. Disparate trees, flora, boulders and seas are brought together forming fictitious landscapes that invite you to slow down and observe the complexity and beauty of the micro and macro world.

Entangled foregrounds reveal the details at ground level we often pass by as we walk through the landscape. Mosses and lichen covered boulders, intricate unfurling leaves of young ferns, and a myriad of grasses and flowers.

In the background these micro elements are situated in a broader landscape populated by trees, hills and coastlines. Sometimes the lights of cities imply humans are not far away.

Max Naylor is a professional artist living in Bristol, UK, where he is a studio holder at Spike Island. Along side his own fine art practice Max is a tutor at the Royal Drawing School in London. Max has completed a number of international residencies including time spent in Los Angeles and Delhi. He has won the Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary and in 2016 the Jacksons Painting Prize.