Simone Fontana Reis


Simone Fontana Reis’ paintings blur lines between abstraction and representation. Taking fragments of interior and exterior landscapes and sometimes isolated figures or faces, Reis constructs complex scenarios that seem to be in chaos or collapse. Trees, floorboards, curtains, demolition sites and building façades all feature in her works and each painting also typically contains within it a large abstract, almost alien-like, form. These strange additions transform the works into curious in-between places, neither real nor imagined.
Using oil, enamel and acrylic paints on canvas, and on occasion incorporating elements of transparent plastic, Reis’ paintings contain a freedom of expression that utilise as many techniques as they do media. Thick, impasto swirls of paint sit on top of looser, translucent backgrounds marked with thin washes of paint and smudges of colour. Other works demonstrate a much bolder, more graphic, street-like approach to painting.
Reis studied at Atelier Leda Catunda in Sao Paulo, Brazil and later completed both her BA and MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Nominated for New Sensation 2014 by Saatchi Art, Reis has also exhibited across the UK and in several locations internationally in Sweden, the USA and Brazil.